Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance has been providing public works on Cowichan Reserves since 1968, with the following focus:
  • Eliminating health and safety hazards.  This includes garbage pickup and snow removal, and ensuring the Reserve is adequately equipped with fire hydrants.
  • Preserving and protecting facility and infrastructure assets.  This includes providing roads and utilities to property lines.
  • Ensuring all public works are in good working order.
  • Providing an aesthetically-pleasing community appearance, and in particular, landscaping.
  • Operating and maintaining recreation facilities, specifically Si'em Lelum Gymnasium and the soccer fields.
  • The Recylcing Team are now working for all of Cowichan Tribes communities.  The pick up is on Wednesdays.  Please use the Blue bins that were provided for each household. 


5760 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC   V9L 5J1

Ph:  250.748.3196
Fx:  250.748.1233