Support Services

Support Services focuses on the needs of children, their families and the Community by facilitating placements in Care Homes (ranging from regular to leveled resources).

The Support Services Team includes:

  • Manager
  • Designate Manager
  • Support Services Social Worker

Support Services works in partnership with the other five First Nations Agencies on Vancouver Island as well as the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

We have developed a Community based network of supportive services including:

  • Providing resources that are safe and nurturing in addition to being able to meet the specific needs of children placed in their care;
  • Support Services operates from the mandate of placing children within their cultural community (focusing on family extended family, community, aboriginal, and non-aboriginal resources). It is our intent to ensure that we work in partnership with the community to ensure children’s connection to their family and cultural environment;
  • In order to meet our mandate Support Services will: Recruit resources in the community, determine if those resources offer the strengths we need for children, provide an orientation, provide training and provide financial support to our Caregivers. We also provide a variety of other support services to assist our Caregivers in working in the best interest of our children.