Dictionary Project

The Hul’qumi’num language was traditionally an oral-only language and is at risk of becoming extinct.  Through the Dictionary Project, Cowichan Tribes is keeping the language alive by:
  • Converting the spoken language into a written orthography;
  • Providing community language classes;
  • Increasing the number of Hul’qumi’num teachers and speakers;
  • Introducing the Hul’qumi’num language in schools; and
  • Providing Cultural Teaching Assistants to the schools.  There are currently seven Cultural Teaching Assistants in schools with a high First Nations enrolment.
Most Dictionary Project staff are fluent Hul’qumi’num speakers.

Did You Know...

Cowichan Tribes provides a number of Hul’qumi’num language classes.  QwiQwal (Big House speakers) was a specialized program teaching the processes and protocols of the Big House.

Participating Schools