Indian Registry

Indian Registry records the following vital statistics information for Cowichan people:

  • adoptions
  • births
  • deaths
  • divorce
  • adoption
  • name changes

Certificate of Indian Status (CIS)

These are the laminated cards that are being phased         out by the government, for the Secure Certificate of Indian Status cards. Due to government policy, these cards are only issued to registered Cowichans when they are available.

Applying for Registered Indian Status 

For those who wish to register as a Status Indian or find out if they qualify, contact your local regional or district Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) office. To access application forms online visit Application forms for Indian status and status cards, or review their Indian Status page.

Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS)

For more complete information, please visit here.

Assistance with the applications for the SCIS cards are provided in the office to all Status Indians. Staff are equipped with the government-issued passport photo app, which makes it easier to get the SCIS card because individuals no longer need to pay for passport photos.

Once assistance is provided with completing the applications for the SCIS cards, individuals must mail their complete applications to the head office.

Band Membership

Membership with Cowichan Tribes is guided by the Cowichan Indian Band Membership Rules (1992), and applications are reviewed and recommended by the Membership Committee then brought to Chief and Council for their review and to give a final decision. Individuals who wish to apply for membership should mail or deliver the following to the Band Office:

  • Membership Application Form; and
  • Proof of registration with Aboriginal Affairs; and
  • Any other necessary documents (for example, custody orders, adoption papers, etc.).
  • Recently have a baby? See process here