The Environment and Natural Resources Department protects and restores the natural environment within Cowichan's traditional territory, enabling present and future generations to practice their aboriginal rights in a sustainable way.

There has been an increasing number of environmental, forestry, and planning referrals since the department's inception in the early 1990's.  In response, the focus is shifting to developing a long-term strategic plan and partnering with associated organizations in order to be more pro-active in environmental management within its territories. 

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5760 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC   V9L 5J1

Ph:  250.748.3196
Fx:  250.748.1233
The department:
  • Responds to referrals.
  • Conducts cultural and ecological impact assessments.
  • Develops policies, strategies, and management plans that ensure protection of land, water, air, and other resources.
  • Undertakes stewardship and restoration activities.
  • Produces maps and databases.
  • Provides education and training on environment and natural resource topics.

Our Mission

To support and foster environmental and cultural values through protecting, managing and restoring lands and resources within Cowichan Tribe's traditional territory