Land Research

Land Research undertakes research to protect Cowichan Tribes' rights and title.  These duties include:
Commemorating Ye'yumnuts
Ye'yumnuts Website Launches
June 20, 2018
Chief and Council, Lulumexun, UVic, are proud to announce the launch of the new website.  
Youth Create Brennan Information Video Click image to view Video
Brennan Information Video

March 16, 2017
Brennan Land Claim Voting results are in
Eligible voters: 3,011
313 voted
264 in favour
49 against
This vote does not pass as we needed at least 1506 voters to cast a ballot. Chief and Council will be discussing the next steps and will issue direction shortly.
Thanks to everyone who came out to vote and exercised their right to have a say in this decision making process.