Land Code - Quw'utsun Tumuhw 

Land Management under the Indian Act of 1867:

  • Under the Indian Act First Nations are considered wards of the state, not government
  • The Indian Act gives The Government of Canada the authority to legislate all matters concerning "Indians" and "lands reserved for Indians"
  • The Indian Act was legislated without involvement, consultation or consent of Cowichan yet controls so many aspects of Cowichan and other First Nations
  • The Indian Act continues to be an obstacle to Cowichan Tribes achieving economic self-sufficiency and sustainability.

The shortcomings of the Indian Act laid the foundation for the Framework Agreement.

Our Land Code was created and is being drafted by: Cowichan Tribes, members, Elders, Lands Advisory Board and the Land Code committee. Cowichan Tribes members will now be asked to vote on these documents.

Although land management is complex, the vote does come down to one simple question: Do you want Cowichan Tribes, as a community, to manage its own lands under Land Code?

We are asking members both on- and off-reserve to be informed, ask questions, update your contact information and spread the word to friends and family. Visit Land Code at a Glance for more resources!


Contact Information

Ken Michel
Land Code Coordinator
Lulumexun (Lands & Governance), Cowichan Tribes
5760 Allenby Road
Duncan BC V9L 5J1

Phone: 236-800-4023

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Quwutsun Tumuhw Celebration

November 1st, 3-6 pm, Si'em Lelum Gym

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Important Documents

Our Quw'utsun Tumuhw

 Individual Agreement
Full document


Land Code News


OPENS Aug 19th, 2019 -  CLOSES Sept 20th, 2019

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Updates - September 2018
August 30, 2018 
Check out what the Land Code Team has been up to these past few months. 
Second Ratification Vote
April 10, 2018
Council approved a second vote at the Chief and Council meeting held on April 10, 2017.  
Spring Survey Results
June 22, 2018
Check out what members' view on the Land Code process so far. 

Open House Minutes




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Open House - Q&A
June 13, 2018
Questions and answers from the Land Code Open House held June 2018.

Family Meeting Minutes




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