'Tsetsuw' Sawa'lum

We are proud to bring to you the 'Tsetsuw' Sawa’lum of 2018:
‘Tset’suw’ translated means “By the Shore,Beach, or Coast” & Suwa’lum means “Games”

The Games will be hosted in the Cowichan Territory from March 20th-23rd 2018. This will be a 3 and a Half Days event for youth (Ages 7-12). These Games are the first of its kind on Vancouver Island in several years.
Goals of the ‘Tsetsuw Sawa’lum:
The main focus is a celebration of Youth. Participation and Friendly Sport Competition that will promote life skills, cultural identity and passion in a sport environment.
We look forward to hosting an on-going grassroots multi sport event that will provide sport development for all youth and communities now and into the future.
Dano Thorne
Ashley Wilson

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Dano Thorne
Recreation Coordinator
Office: 250.748.1831 ext. 3233
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Ashley Wilson
Games Coordinator

Letters from the Organizers

I wanted to recognize my games staff, our tribes staff, volunteers and the 10 community leaders, and coach chaperones who made the first event a huge success. There was an average of 100 kids ages 7-12 who participated in basketball, floor hockey, soccer, swimming and traditional bone games.

Our first event had a few glitches, but it will only get better as we move forward. Thank you to Cowichan Tribes for taking the lead on resurrecting our youth games, and thank you to our neighbouring First Nations and Friendship Centres for working together and contributing knowledge and resources to helping make this a success.

I wanted to acknowledge my staff Ashley, Seleana, Laverne and Angelina for thier constant contribution and working tirelessly the week before the games. I thank Cowichan Tribes staff who contributed in the background to updating the website and supported us in many ways. A special thanks to Chief Seymour, Football Hall of Famer Dave Cutler, Eric Hurtado, Russell Teibert of the Whitecaps, Tzinqua for the Welcome, Foster Johnnie Sr. for leading the Lahal, and Robert George for driving the bus and blessing our days during the games. Thank you everyone.

Dano Thorne
Recreation Director
Cowichan Tribes

I just wanted to take the time to thank each member of our committee for making our first ever Tsetsuw' Suwa'lum a successful one. I enjoyed seeing each of our nations come together to make this possible for our youth. It made me happy to see so many smiling faces and see our kids being active during spring break. We have so much young talent in our communities and I am so glad we could bring them together and see them shine.

I would also like to raise my hands to each of the Chaperons, Volunteers, Refs, Coaches, parents, and supporters; without each of you this wouldn't have been possible. I feel honored to have been able to coordinate an event like this and to be a part of it. We've had tons of positive feedback regarding the event and I am very pleased with our turn out of participants. I feel overall it was a huge success and I look forward to seeing it grow in the future.

Huy'Tseep qa Siiem Siiye'yu ,

Ashley Wilson
Tsetsuw Suwa'lum Coordinator
Cowichan Tribes