Arts & Crafts

Alicia Boone

Authentic Cowichan Sweaters, Native Art (Coast Salish), Jewelry (local artists from Cowichan Valley) 

Website: Face of Native
email: alicia(at)

Joe Jack
Traditional Salish Art in beautiful gold jewellery, engagement rings, wedding rings, bracelets, ivory sculpture, Limited edition prints, and western Red Cedar. 
Ph: 250.732.5095
email: artist(at) 

Virginia Jack
Basket Weaver 
Ph: 250.597.3981
Email: Ms_Janejack_6770(at)

Edward Joe 
Paintings; Gold & Silver Jewellry
Ph: 250.715.0118
E-mail: edjoe13(at) 

Brant Johnny
Cowichan Tribes Carver
Masks, Plaques, Totem Poles & Wall Panels
Phone: 250.746.7778
E-mail: info(at) 

Stella (Tina) Johnny
Cedar Bark Weaving, Pine Needle Weaving, Coast Salish Weaving, Clothier (Sewing of Vests, Scarves,Shawls with appliques), Baby Boards and Beadwork.
Workshops available, Prevent Racism, Empowerment workshops, Training of all Artistic skills.
Ph: 250.709.0396 (call or text)
Email: scjohnny2005(at)
Evelyn Louie, Elder 
Cowichan Knitter
Sweaters, Toques and Vests
Email: cowichan.sweaters(at)

Disclaimer: Cowichan Tribes is not responsible for any of the services or products provided by independent suppliers.

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Herb Rice
Cowichan Tribes Carver
Custom made & carved Doors, Wall Panels, Totems, Talking Sticks, unique T-Shirts.  Speciality logo and artistic designs.
Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre
Phone: 250.701.3086
Email: hjrice(at) 
Maureen Tommy 
Traditional Blanket Weaver & Cowichan Knitter
Experience: 30 years
Email: tommym1(at)
Dora Wilson, Elder 
Cowichan Knitter & Traditional Blanket Weaver
Experience: 50 years
Email: D.Wilson.42(at)
Joey Wilson
Ph: 250.748.2732 
Email: sxwaset(at)
Martina Wilson 
Cowichan Knitter & Spinner
Experience: 35 years 
Ph: 778.422.1912

**Updated August 21, 2015**