Permissions and Licences


For resource extraction programs (for example, timber and gravel operations) and depositing solid waste on Reserve land, permits are required.  Application packages are available from the Lands Department.

Permits are reviewed by both the Land Management Committee (for ownership and royalty issues) and the Environment and Natural Resources Committee (for environmental impacts and policies), and possibly Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) as well.  A Band Council resolution is required for INAC approval, and a Canadian Environmental Assessment Application screening is usually required.


Lands Department
5762 Allenby Road
Duncan, BC V9L 5J1
Ph: 250.748.3196
Fx: 250.746.3633
Species at Risk 
Access may be limited in areas that have ecological constraints. Please contact the Environment Department for information regarding access to known or suspected sensitive areas.
Access to Reserve Lands and Buildings 
It is good practice to obtain prior approval for accessing Reserve land other than on roadways, public buildings, and by invitation.  Contact the Land Department for approval.