Chief and Council Profiles

Chief William "Chip" Seymour 


As elected Chief, William's main concern is to see Cowichan Tribes through its deficit.
Throughout the 33 years, he has worked with Cowichan Tribes, he has seen and heard of many issues that need to be addressed, and he is willing to help deal with them. 
As Chief, William will sit on all the committees.
He has been a coach since 1975.  Coaching for the three different age brackets in two sports, lacrosse and soccer.  He has retired from coaching the Cowichan Eagles Soccer team but continues to support them.  He also participates in our Longhouse gatherings.

Christopher Alphonse 

Blank headshot


Francine Alphonse

Fran AlphonseFrancine sits on the following committee’s:  Youth and Recreation; Finance; Elder’s Tobacco Tax; Justice and Specific Claims Committee and the KDC Board of Director.

Francine completed her Business Administration Diploma, UVIC in 2005.

I am truly honoured to have a seat at Council and the Committee for the term of 2017-19. I also am culturally and community involved, can assist and bring Cowichan Tribes toward its goals.

Andrew Canute   Qwulsutstun


Andrew sits on the following committees: Cowichan Nation Alliance, Education, Environment, Fisheries, Archaeology, Land Investigation, HIP Adhoc, Gravel Permit Company, Dike Permit Company, Policy, Treaty, City of Duncan/North Cowichan/CVRD and Youth & Recreation.
I would like to express my appreciation for the opportunity to serve as a council member for Cowichan Tribes.  I hope to support the committees that I am involved with and improve services that meet the needs of our Cowichan Tribes membership.

As a community-oriented person, my specific goals are to represent the Cowichan Tribes membership in a fair, open-minded, and sincere manner.  I welcome the opportunity to engage in open and respectful communication with all Cowichan members to help address their concerns and to help improve transparency and accountability to our members. 


Albie Joe Charlie   Whulquletse

Albie-Joe-Charlie.jpgServed on Council since 1997.  Housing is the main priority to him, then Youth interception follows.  
Cowichan Band Housing Society, Khowutzun Gaming Corporation, Finance, Human Resources, Own Source Revenue, Policy, Education, Elder's S'ulhween, Health Advisory, Environment Resource, Fishing, Justice, Land Code, Land Investigation, Land Management, Specific Claims, Archaeological, Archaeological Reburial, Child & Family Services (L.S.), L.S. Adoptions, Cowichan Tribes Treaty, Duncan Chamber of Commerce, Island Corridor Foundation, Cowichan Bay Planning  are the committees that Albie is involved in.
Outside interests include fishing, attending and cooking for ceremonies at the Longhouse.  He enjoys the outdoors.  He also teaches Hul'q'umi'num' to community members.  Albie was once a Social Worker for Cowichan Tribes.

Stephanie Atleo (nee Charlie)

Stephanie-Charlie.jpgStephanie sits on numerous committees including Education, Cowichan Tribes Treaty, Human Resources, Finance and Audit.
Stephanie began her education in First Nation Governance in the mid-1990's by attending a two year Associates of Arts Diploma program at the Institute of Indigenous Governance.  She graduated from UBC with a BA in First Nations Studies, minoring in History. Following this Stephanie worked for many years in the Cowichan Tribes Band Office. 
It is Stephanie's future plan to return to school in pursuit of the Masters in Business Administration.  In addition to her interest in school, Stephanie's other interests include reading, playing fastball, and coaching youth soccer.

Craig George    Qwulthimulet


I would like to thank Cowichan Tribes membership for the confidence in electing me. Huy ch q'u.  I look forward to serving our community in this next term.  I am looking forward to moving our Tribe forward in a positive and healthy direction.  My outlook is to bring accountability and transparency to our membership.  Bring trust and honestly to our tribe.
Craig sits on the following committees: 0990409 BC Ltd, Finance, Own Source Revenue, Youth Recreation, Land Management, Property Taxation and Child & Family Services.
We need to take care of our Elders, youth and families. We need to work together for a healthy community and workplace.
My interests are various sports; indoor soccer (Futsal), outdoor soccer, lacrosse, basketball and softball.  I love to spend time and travel with my wife and children.  I have volunteered coaching youth, men and ladies soccer for the past 12 years.  I enjoy attending longhouse and cultural activities. 

Darin George  


Darin sits on the following ten committees: Duncan Properties, Policy, Environment Resource, Fishing, Quw'utsun Kw'atl'kwa Fisheries Board, Land Investigation, Cowichan Tribes Treaty, CTTC- CRA Technical Team, Cowichan Tribes Shared Territory Working Group, Cowichan Nation Alliance and HTG Shared Territory Working Group.

It is a great honour and privilege for Darin to be elected by the community and to serve the community at an honourable level of Government. As a Councillor of Cowichan Tribes, Darin is committed and dedicated to positive growth and progress for Cowichan. Darin will work hard to contribute to a healthier and transparent government, sustainable and realistic goals for the communities future. Darin will listen to the community members and be the link from the community to Council to ensure comments and feedback to Chief and Council for consideration. 

Darin's interests are fishing on the Cowichan River, hiking around the Cowichan Valley, swimming with his son, talking to people with the same interests and also listening to a variety of music.


Howard (Howie) George  

Blank headshotHowie George sits on the following committees: Khowutzun Gaming Corporation (Alternate), Capital Assets Management, Human Resources, Own Source Revenue, Community Safety, Property Taxation, Child & Family Services and L.S. Adoptions.
Everyone matters have programs and services for our members, open communication, honesty, trust, respect and a stronger Cowichan.  
Howie's interests are Economic development, housing, jobs and education.

Stuart Pagaduan    Qwiyahwult-hw


The Committee's that Stuart sits on are Gravel Permit Company, Economic Review Team, Membership, Policy, Youth Recreation, Education, Health Advisory (Alternate), Community Safety, Specific Claims and Growing Together Day Care.

I consider it a great honour to represent Cowichan people.  My initial goals are to listen and understand the needs of our community.  Making small positive changes for a stronger future.

Art is a big part of my life.  I've been an Artist for about 20 years.  I like to be outdoors; fishing and hunting.


Calvin Swustus Sr.     Swutth'tus

Calvin headshot

Calvin has been elected to Cowichan Tribes Council for his 11th term in 2017

This term Calvin is part of the, Cowichan Tribes Treaty Committee, Cowichan Nation Alliance Committee, Land Management Committee, Housing Committee, Finance Committee, Own Source Revenue Committee, and the Justice Committee.

Calvin also participates on the Cowichan Valley Crimestoppers Board of Directors, and the Providence Farm Board of Directors.

Calvin was the Chair/President of the 2008 North American Indigenous Games Host Society, and a Co-Chair for the 2017 National Aboriginal Hockey Championship Committee

Calvin is a retired member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police where he served 22 years and an ex-member of the Commissionaires Corp of Canada where he served 5 years. He also has served in the past on the Lalum'uttul Smuneem Committee, Tse'wultun Health Committee, Land Investigation Committee, Cowichan Tribes Education Committee, Queen of Angles School Committee, and VIHA Health Committee

Calvin is a proud citizen of the Quamichan Village, which is one of the many villages of Cowichan Tribes.

Debra Toporowski   Qwulti'stunaat


Debra sits on the following committees: Khowutzun Gaming Corporation, Health Advisory, Justice, Fishing, Cowichan Tribes Treaty, Cowichan Nation Alliance, and Cowichan Watershed Management. She also sits on external committees for the Duncan-Cowichan Chamber of Commerce and the CVRD.
Debra is looking forward to working with the community members, the chief and councilors. Debra wants to reconnect with the community, building relationships and have openness to finding practical solutions to some of the issues that we face today.
Debra's interests are fishing, camping, snowshoeing, walking and photography. Debra enjoys gardening and finds it very rewarding in growing and canning her own fresh fruits and vegetables.

Dora Wilson   Thulamiye


Dora has been on Council since 1979 and wants to ensure that the interests of the community are addressed.  She is particularly concerned about housing and the economy.
Dora sits on the following committees: Cowichan Band Housing Society, Khowutzun Gaming Corporation, Gravel Permit Company, Dike Permit Company, Duncan Properties, 0990409 BC Ltd, Membership, Own Source Revenue, Policy, Education, Elders S'ulhween, Elders Tobacco Tax, Land Investigation, Specific Claims, Archaeological Reburial, L.S. Adoptions, Cowichan Tribes Treaty, Cowichan Tribes Elders Advisory, Cowichan Tribes Elders Advisory Working Group, Cowichan Tribes Shared Territory Working Group, Cowichan Nation Alliance, HTG Board of Directors (Alternate) and HTG Shared Territory Working Group,